Top Saudi Arabia Women Athlete

Excellence Top 10 Saudi Arabia Women Athletes

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its approach towards women’s participation in sports. A group of extraordinary women has emerged as trailblazers, defying stereotypes and showcasing exceptional talent on the global stage. This article sheds light on the achievements of the top 10 Saudi Arabia women athlete who have become symbols of empowerment and inspiration.

Saudi Arabia Women Athlete

Haifa Mohamed, Amira Al Agha, Rawh Abdullah Arfaj, Aya Shata, AI Jawhara bint Abdulaziz Saud, Amani AI-Ghamdi, Nouf Marwai, Wud Shaikh, Reham Afandi, and Jude AI-Fahmi have not only excelled in their respective sports but have also become ambassadors for women’s sports in Saudi Arabia.

The stories of these ten remarkable Saudi Arabia women athlete resonate beyond the sports arenas. They symbolise a shift in societal perceptions, breaking down barriers and paving the way for future generations. As these athletes continue to shine on the global stage, their impact extends far beyond the realm of sports, inspiring young girls to dream big and pursue their passions unapologetically. Traditionally, women’s participation in athletics was limited, but a new era has emerged, fostering a wave of talented and determined female athletes who have broken barriers and defied stereotypes.

The condition of Saudi Arabia women athlete has changed drastically in recent years . Many Saudi Arabia women athlete now participate in national and international sports competitions like basketball, judo, cricket, running etc . But this was not always the case.

Saudi Arabia women athlete now gets many opportunities to compete in various sports on global stage. Now they also get access to latest sports infrastructure , training facilities , coaching , and support services. Women athletes also get benefits like scholarships and other other educational opportunities which is linked to their participation in sports.

They also get a lot of recognition as there are very few Saudi Arabia women athlete. They are like ambassadors of sports in Saudi Arabia. They go to many schools, programs and sport clinics to encourage the younger generation of girls to pursue their dreams in sports . After the 2012 Olympics game Saudi Arabia has been sending more and more women athletes to different games like the 2016 Olympics games , the Arab women sports tournament , the gulf cooperation council games , World Bowling women’s championship etc.

In this article, we celebrate the top 10 Saudi Arabia women athlete.

Wojdan Shaherkani

Wojdan Shaherkani

She was one of the first two women athletes to represent Saudi Arabia in the 2012 Olympics game . It was a very big milestone for the Saudi Arabia women athlete. She participated in the Judo tournament in the 2012 London Olympics . The judo tournament posed many challenges for her including the attire that was to be worn during the game . But she overcame this challenge by working with the Olympics committee and Judo federation to find a attire that she could worn during the competition . In the end , she made history by becoming the first two women to ever play in Olympics representing Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Women Athlete Sarah Attar

Athlete Sarah Attar

She was the second Saudi Arabia women athlete alongside Wojdan Shaherkani to participate in the London Olympics game 2012 . Sarah Attar is an American born Saudi Arabian athlete . She participated in 800m in track and field . She gained attention in the 2012. Olympics as she wanted to participate adhering to the cultural traditions of her country . She participated with a headscarf and a full body covering respecting the cultural and tradition beliefs of Saudi Arabia . This act got her recognition and praise not only in her country but also around the world. She also became an example and role model for the younger generation of women.

Joud Fahmy

Joud Fahmy Fencing Athlete

She is an Saudi Arabian Fencer who made history by becoming the first women of Saudi Arabia to complete in the FIE Grand Pix in 2018 , which is an international Fencing tournament that attracts top fencers from around the world . Her participation showed that Saudi Arabia women athlete are getting more and more opportunity in sports.

Noura Al – Mutairi

Noura Al-Mutairi

She is a professional track and field women athlete who has represented Saudi Arabia in many international tournaments . Her participation shows the changing perspective of Saudi Arabia in the women sports sector. Like many other athletes, Noura Al – Mutairi has contributed to the growing presence of women athletes from Saudi Arabia in the national and international tournaments.

Athlete Tahani Al – Qahtani

Tahani Al - Qahtani

She is an recognised professional Judoka from Saudi Arabia . She has represented Saudi in many international events like 2020 summer Olympics and 2021 world judo championship . She gained notability for agreeing to compete against a Israeli athlete which was never done in the history of Saudi Arabia’s Olympics participation . She got praise from her opponent for showing bravery.

Dalma Malhas

Dalma Malhas

She was born in Ohio in 1992. At the age of four she started riding horses. She traveled to Rome when she was 12 to compete in more competitions. After that , she went to France to train. After gaining popularity in the international tournaments the IOC invited Dalma Malhas to represent Saudi Arabia in the international games even though her connection with the country was not strong. This shows that how hard work can achieve anything.

Lina Al – Maeena

Lina Al - Maeena

She is an Equestrian women athlete in Saudi Arabia. She founded the Jeddah Equestrian Club, which is dedicated to promoting horse riding as a sport for women in the country. Lina Al-Maeena has also participated in various international competitions, including the Longines Global Champions Tour . Her work has helped to create opportunities for women althletes of Saudi Arabia and challenging the stereotype thinking about the women sports.

Reema Abdullah

Reema Abdullah

She is considered one of the most successful female footballers of the country of Saudi Arabia . Reema Abdullah is a former caption of the Saudi Arabian women’s national football team . She has also represented Saudi Arabia in many international competitions.

Yara Al – Hogbani

Yara Al - Hogbani

She is the Saudi Arabia’s first women tennis player . She was also the first to represent the country of Saudi in international tournaments at just the age of 17 . She was born in Ohio and raised in Virginia but returned to Saudi . She is the first female athlete to play at pro tour level and only the second Saudi female athlete to win a medal in international competition .i.e, silver in Bahrain.

Mariam Saleh Binladen

Mariam Saleh Binladen

Mariam is a Saudi Arabian open water swimmer . She participated in the 2015 Hellespont Open Water Competition in Turkey from Europe to Asia.she become the first female and third person in recent history to swim the 162.5 km (101-mile) length of the River Thames in 10 days in the United KingdomShe has done a lot of humanitarian work as well, such as creating the Dr Mariam Dental Clinic . In 2017, she completed a 24 km swin in the Dubai Creek and Dubai water canal in UAE in less than 9 hours.

Conclusion – The traditional or orthodox views and norms have always been a challenge for the Saudi Arabia women athlete. In the past , Saudi Arabia faced many criticism for not allowing women in the sports but they changed that when they sent their first women athletes in 2012 Olympics games held in London . Since then the inclusion of women in sports has improved significantly in Saudi Arabia


Q: How have these athletes contributed to changing perceptions about women in sports in Saudi Arabia?

A: Explore how Saudi Arabia women athlete have broken barriers and challenged societal norms, contributing to a shift in perceptions about women’s participation and excellence in sports within Saudi Arabia.

Q: What notable achievements have these athletes made on the national and international stages?

A: Learn about the specific awards, honors, and accomplishments that each athlete has achieved, showcasing their prowess both nationally and internationally.

Q: What challenges have these athletes faced in their respective sports, considering the evolving landscape of women’s sports in Saudi Arabia?

A: Understand the challenges these athletes have overcome, considering the societal norms and expectations surrounding women in sports in Saudi Arabia.

Q: In what ways have these athletes become role models for aspiring female athletes in Saudi Arabia?

A: Examine how the achievements and journeys of these athletes have inspired and paved the way for young girls and aspiring female athletes in Saudi Arabia.


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